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Why should parents consider joint custody?

Should two people decide to no longer be together, and they have children, they will have to discuss child custody. Some parents may be able to sit down and figure out an arrangement that they both can agree on. Others may find it difficult because they let their emotions get in the way. When discussing child custody, parents will have a number of options to choose from, but not every alternative is as rewarding to the parents and the child as joint custody.

Does child custody differ for married and unmarried couples?

Child custody disputes are not easy for any parent to handle. With them often being concerned about losing their child or getting less time with them, they may be emotional throughout the entire process. Even though child custody is an issue that is addressed differently for unmarried and married couples, the emotional reaction parents may experience is similar.

Consider the effect moving away will have on your child

Being awarded custody of your child is a good thing, but it is a lot of responsibility to take on by yourself. As a parent of a child, you are responsible for making smart decisions that will not affect your child negatively in the present or the future. These smart choices include deciding where your child will live.

Issues with interstate child custody

Two parents who are no longer in a relationship may experience many issues when it comes to child custody. Ideally, it would be nice if both parents could agree on how the child will be raised and who he or she will live with, but there are some instances where they dispute instead. Oftentimes, these disputes over child custody will land the parents in court where a judge will make the decision for them, which is something not all parents enjoy.

Military mom fights for custody of her children

When it comes to child custody cases, they are all unique. It is true that parents often get emotional when they have to fight to gain custody of their children, but for the most part, every experience parents have with child custody is not the same. People live in different states, have children of different ages, and even find themselves dealing with different circumstances that have led them to this fight for custody.

An attorney can assist with your move away case

Following one parent being granted custody, his or her circumstances may change, and they may have to move away. When this happens, another issue with child custody will arise because they may want to take the child with them wherever they go. This decision is one that is not always liked by the other parent, so there may be a dispute over where the child will live or if the other parent will even be allowed to take the child with them when they move.

What happens when the custodial parent wants to move away?

The issue of child custody is already sensitive, but when one parent wants to move away it may create even more stress and tension for the parents and the child. People often move when they accept a new job in another state or they want to be near their family. The problem may not be that they want to move away, but that you want to take the child with them. In some cases, this decision is not OK with the noncustodial.

Common issues parenting agreements may address

When two parents cannot agree on child custody, it often creates a bigger issue because the courts may have to step in and make the decision for them. When this happens, one or both parents may not get what they wanted and may feel the court was unfair in awarding custody to the other parent. The good thing is, this is not how every child custody dispute has to end. Before a dispute reaches the courtroom, parents could attend mediation and create a parenting agreement that resolves this issue. Depending on how things go, everyone could leave happier than they may have been if the decision had been left up to the courts.

What is virtual visitation and what are its benefits?

In child custody cases, it is not uncommon for one parent to be awarded visitation rights, while the other has full custody of the child. Traditionally, the parent who is awarded visitation rights meets with the child in person, but a new form of visitation has emerged that doesn't require these in-person meetings to occur. Virtual visitation, also known as electronic visitation or Internet visitation, has made it possible for parents to keep in touch with their child in situations where an in-person meeting isn't possible.

Helpful tips for fathers after Father's Day

For those fathers who were not able to spend time with their children on Father’s Day, we understand that it could be a frustrating experience. After all, this is the one day out of each year where fathers are supposed to be honored for their contributions to the home and to their children.