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Divorcing parents need to consider their children's feelings

If you are a parent who is going through a divorce, you are likely dealing with many concerns and emotional issues; but so too are your children. Remember, your children likely see you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse as their parents, not as two individuals with strong differences. It can be very traumatic to watch the two of you go your separate ways.

Why you should prove your financial stability to the judge

Disputes over child custody are not always easy for people to deal with without stressing out or panicking. It would be ideal for parents to work together and find an arrangement that benefits all parties, including the child, but this doesn't always happen. Parents do not have to agree on a plan for child custody, but when they don't, they are agreeing that they will let a judge decide for them.

Two mothers take custody battle to U.S. Supreme Court

Child custody is something parents should take seriously. When a marriage or a relationship comes to an end, and there are children involved, one or both parents may wish to gain sole custody of the children. With both parents wanting certain things to happen, they often end up disputing until they eventually can agree or a judge makes the decision for them.

When one parent refuses to follow the rules of custody

Anyone who has ever watched a television drama knows that custody battles can get ugly. Unfortunately, reaching a custody agreement is frequently just the beginning of the fight. As children get older and lives change, parents can potentially find themselves embroiled in custody battles again and again.

Steps to take after abducted child is returned from other parent

Child custody disputes are never easy to deal with. On top of having to deal with the emotions of just getting divorced or ending their relationship, they will have to deal with the emotions they will feel about losing their child or not seeing him or her as much. Any parent would agree that this is difficult, but that doesn't mean a child custody dispute can't be handled in a mature manner. Ideally, that is what will be done because there is a child involved, but parents don't always behave this way and do what is best for the child.

What should parents consider when requesting sole custody?

There are many different types of family situations that parents and their children can find themselves in. In the past, divorce may have not been a popular decision, but nowadays, when couples feel that the marriage is over, they divorce, whether or not they have children together. With this being the case, when two people decide to end their marriage or relationship, they will be left to handle the issue of child custody. This can often lead to a disagreement, especially if one parent decides to request sole custody.

Which parent is considered the primary caretaker?

Child custody is a touchy issue for parents to discuss. No matter how amicable things may have ended between both parents, when they decided to no longer be together, there is still the chance that one or both parents will become angry or upset at the possibility of the other parent being awarded sole custody. Even though both parents may be worried about the other getting sole custody of their child, the parent who is the primary caretaker may have less to worry about.

What is a parenting agreement and how can I get it approved?

When parents have to discuss child custody and attempt to work together to find an arrangement that works for all parties involved, they may be reluctant to do so at first. For some, the relationship has ended and seeing the other parent of their child is not something they look forward to even if it is for something important. Despite how they feel, their child needs both parents in his or her life, so both parents will have to face each other to figure out a solution, whether that is with their attorneys or in front of a judge.

Why should parents consider joint custody?

Should two people decide to no longer be together, and they have children, they will have to discuss child custody. Some parents may be able to sit down and figure out an arrangement that they both can agree on. Others may find it difficult because they let their emotions get in the way. When discussing child custody, parents will have a number of options to choose from, but not every alternative is as rewarding to the parents and the child as joint custody.

Does child custody differ for married and unmarried couples?

Child custody disputes are not easy for any parent to handle. With them often being concerned about losing their child or getting less time with them, they may be emotional throughout the entire process. Even though child custody is an issue that is addressed differently for unmarried and married couples, the emotional reaction parents may experience is similar.