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What can help me cope with missing my child?

It's easy for a recently divorced father to miss spending time with his children whenever he wants. And for a man who is especially involved in his child's life, the hours spent separated can be filled with loneliness. You may even miss the difficult moments when your child misbehaves and needs to be disciplined because this too is done with love.

Four behaviors that are a prelude to divorce

When you started out together, it seemed that you and your partner formed a perfect bond. You liked the same restaurants, films, political candidates and you rooted for the same teams. In fact, being with this person made you feel you were part of a team that could face the many challenges that marriage offers.

Time invested creating a prenup can pay dividends

When you and your partner decide that it's in your best interests to create a prenuptial agreement, you have taken a very positive preliminary step in your marriage. This is because simply taking the time to discuss all of the important issues covered in a prenup will help you both understand the challenges that lay before you. And make no mistake, marriage is a serious endeavor which has a much better chance of success when both partners understand their responsibilities.

Visitation time can be spent seeing amazing sights

If you are a divorced parent, you likely want your time with your child to be spent doing things that you both enjoy. But if your time together is limited, you really want to have as many special moments as possible. And one way to do this is to take trips to interesting and fun places.

And there is no shortage of great places to visit in California that are both entertaining and educational. The following are a few  suggested destinations that could provide you and your child with the opportunity to bond and make some wonderful memories:

The holidays can place extra pressure on quarreling couples

The holidays are upon us once again. Ostensibly, this is a time dedicated to joyous celebration and good will towards all. But in reality, many people find the holidays very hard to endure. This can be especially true for couples who are having marital difficulties. Yet, because these days are often a catalyst for sacred family rituals and togetherness, some people hold out the hope that they can patch up a bad relationship during the holiday season.

Property division in California: Who gets the beach house?

During divorce proceedings, property divisions can be one of the most complex and contested issues you have to handle. For example, determining the value of the property in question can require multiple appraisals.

In order to ensure that your interests are protected during property division, it is advisable to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced with high assets divorces.

Holidays and the Newly Single Dad

The holidays are a stressful time of year for many. This can be particularly so for newly divorced families trying to find the new normal. But the divorce is done and you are living on your own for the first time since those years after you graduated from college.

While you likely won't have to put in as much family time since your in-law obligations have been scaled back, you should make every effort to ensure you and the kids make all the usual friends and family visits without being too busy. Traditionally, custody agreements use alternating years with the holidays, so be aware that there could be some downtime to fill.

Single mothers often must carry a heavy load alone

Raising a child as a single mother can be extremely challenging. And you are not alone if you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your many responsibilities. The fact is, most single mothers have a variety of issues with which they must contend. But there are several broad areas that seem to be particularly daunting.

Getting a fair settlement to help you build your new life

It is dangerous to construct a building on a weak foundation. And building a new life can be extremely difficult without a strong financial foundation. If you are going through a divorce, you want to come out on the other side with enough wealth to sustain yourself and your children. To this end, it is imperative that you get your fair share of the property and assets that are eligible for division.

Personal electronic data can influence your divorce case

Perhaps it is because our interactions with others via email, texts, and social media are done primarily in private that we are lulled into thinking that our communications will not yield wider consequences. That is to say, when we send someone an email or text, on a subconscious level, we seem to think we have the same degree of privacy that we have when speaking face-to-face or on the phone. But nothing could be further from the truth.