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Mediation can benefit couples who are prepared to cooperate

Going to trial is likely not necessary for divorcing couples who are on reasonably amicable terms. If you and your ex are able to comfortably communicate, your best move may be to settle the issues of your divorce by meeting with a mediator. A mediator's role is to act in an empathetic and impartial manner to help divorcing couples come to mutually agreed upon terms.

Decisive action needed after you opt for divorce

Once the decision has been made and you know for certain that you are getting divorced, then there are many matters that call for swift and decisive action. Even if you are feeling emotionally pummeled by the prospect of ending your relationship, you need to be very proactive in regard to protecting your assets. Simply put, you cannot afford to let your sadness or anxiety cause you to delay doing what is necessary.

Many factors could signal the need for a prenuptial agreement

If you are approaching your wedding day, you may only be seeing your marriage through the rose-colored glasses of love. This is only natural and hopefully your positive feelings for your partner will never wane. But eventually, the initial rush of affection that motivates so much of your present behavior will subside somewhat. As such, it is important to remind yourself that marriage is a legal bond as well as an emotional commitment.

What can I expect during my child support hearing?

If you are a parent going through a divorce, it is quite likely that you will have to work out a child support payment plan. The final terms will have to be approved by a judge, which requires you to appear at a hearing. As you can imagine, you want to make sure that when the big day arrives, the process goes as smoothly as possible.

A good parenting plan provides your child with needed structure

Parents typically know how important stability is in their child's life. Children need structure and consistency to feel secure. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances can arise that upend the home life that a child has become accustomed to. And divorce is an extremely common reason for children having to cope with sudden life changes.

One of Hollywood's most famous couples divorces

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie comprised what was likely the most renowned power couple in Hollywood. The two stars, known together in the tabloids as "Brangelina," seemed to be living the most idyllic lives imaginable. But recently, Ms. Jolie filed for divorce, thus ending the pair's two-year marriage and 12-year partnership. The split serves as a reminder that all marriages have their challenges, which sometimes lead to irreconcilable differences.

Do online child support calculators yield accurate results?

If you are presently engaged or are planning to engage in child support negotiations, you are likely wondering how much you are going to pay or receive every month. Whatever the final figure is, it will no doubt have a major impact on your personal finances. Ultimately, it will be up to the judge presiding over your case to decide the amount, but in the meantime, it is possible to get an estimate by using an online child support calculator.

More grandparents raising grandchildren as their own

If you have a grandchild, you no doubt want only the best for him or her. And you may even have very strong opinions about the manner in which that child is raised and educated. But typically, even if you feel the child's parents are not doing quite the job you think they should, it is likely best to refrain from criticism. However, there are times where you as a grandparent may be one of the only people who can save the child if his or her parents are not capable of acting responsibly.

What will happen to The Jolie-Pitt Foundation?

Divorces are a complex matter and, with prenuptial agreements, dividing the money is relatively easy. It's valuing businesses, property and other assets that makes it an arduous task.

The recent divorce announcement of Angelina Jolie Pitt and Brad Pitt isn't just a story for the gossip section. The high profile couple has earned an estimated $555 million dollars during their relationship. Complicating the matter, they began dating in 2005 but were just wed in 2014. Any application of community property will apply only wealth from the past two years.

Your prenuptial agreement should be as unique as your marriage

So, you and your significant other have decided it's time to exchange vows and dedicate your lives to growing together as a married couple. Getting married is an expression of love and devotion and it is a step made by many California couples.