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6 ways to protect your assets in a divorce

You and your husband have been married for over 30 years. During this time, the two of you have acquired a substantial amount of assets, including retirement and investment accounts and multiple properties. Last week your husband asked you for a divorce.

In the midst of the emotional shock, you are aware that there are some serious decisions to make. Fortunately, all of your children are adults and have families of their own, so there will not be any custody issues. However, you are concerned with how the California court will divide the marital property.

California couple celebrates their divorce

It's very easy to feel a little bit jealous of a happy couple when they announce their impending marriage. After all, don't we all a want to find that special someone with whom we can share our life? But on the flip side, when a marriage does not work out, that same once happy couple may endure a very tempestuous divorce, the kind of which we all hope to avoid.

When negotiating child support, consider health care costs

Regarding child support, when divorcing parents negotiate terms, often the focus is on covering day-to-day expenses. It is understandable if the recurring costs of housing, food, clothing and other essentials are on the forefront of your mind. After all, if you cannot consistently pay for these things you will be certain to endure financial hardships.

Step carefully if purchasing a home together before marriage

Perhaps you and your partner are not married and have been renting a space together. But now you've decided that you want to jointly purchase a house. It's called taking a relationship to the next level, and it is a very big step with many financial components to consider.

What are the financial implications of divorcing when older?

Divorce at any age can be an emotionally draining experience. But for older individuals, a parting of the ways could be especially daunting. The fact is, the older we get, the less time we have to prepare for retirement. Moreover, if you have spent years dedicating your time to tending to the household and raising a family rather than being part of the workforce, you are at an extreme disadvantage in regards to seeking employment.

Property division in California divorces can confuse or infuriate

With the exception of child support and custody, the division of assets is often the most hotly contested aspect of divorce proceedings. The greater the shared assets between former spouses, the more potential for a protracted court battle over who gets what. Sometimes spouses are able to quickly and agreeably determine the division of assets early in a divorce.

However, many times couples need a judge to make that final decision, as there is no agreement on the value of certain items, like a coin collection, classic cars or a lake house. Working with an experienced family law attorney can help.

Gaslighting is a subtle but cruel form of abuse

The phrase "domestic abuse" often summons thoughts of physical violence or loud verbal mistreatment. But domestic abuse can actually take on many different forms. One of the more subtle methods employed by abusers is called "gaslighting." This term has its origins from a stage play called "Gas Light," in which a husband attempts to drive his wife insane by dimming their home's gas-powered lights and denying they had changed when his wife calls it to his attention.

I lost my job; can I get my child support terms modified?

Losing your job can be a total shock to the system. One day you feel like you have things under control and the next you're having serious concerns about your present and your future financial well-being. Suddenly you are trying to figure out how you will be able to meet your obligations while you look for another job.

What can help me cope with missing my child?

It's easy for a recently divorced father to miss spending time with his children whenever he wants. And for a man who is especially involved in his child's life, the hours spent separated can be filled with loneliness. You may even miss the difficult moments when your child misbehaves and needs to be disciplined because this too is done with love.

Four behaviors that are a prelude to divorce

When you started out together, it seemed that you and your partner formed a perfect bond. You liked the same restaurants, films, political candidates and you rooted for the same teams. In fact, being with this person made you feel you were part of a team that could face the many challenges that marriage offers.